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What is the mission of the Unit (SHIPU)?

To collaboratively coordinate Stakeholders for a secure investment landscape.

What is the vision of the Unit?

A thriving investment climate in Uganda.

What are the objectives of the Unit?

  • To ensure effective implementation of Presidential directives and policies on investment
  • To coordinate investigations of all investor-related complaints
  • To collaboratively coordinate all stakeholders in investment.
  • To support an investor-friendly dispute resolution approach.

Where is the Unit Located?

Plot 51B, Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda.

Contact us at our call center at +256 326 100 630, +256 326 100 631 or +256 414 250 284.

WhatsApp us at +256 764 001 244.

Email us at

For Inquires or reporting access us at

Tweet or X with us @ShieldInvestors

Does the Unit protect local Investors?

Yes, the Unit values and protects all real and potential investors.